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When you’re packing up your survival pack, you might think just any old bundle of rope will do. While rope can perform a great number of functions, it doesn’t quite compare to parachute cord.

Why? Because it isn’t just rope. Inside the rope, you will find other components. With the TITAN Survivor Cord, you will find waxed jute twine, monofilament 25 pound test, 30 AWG copper alloy wire, and 7 braids of 3-strand nylon. No wonder its patent pending!

Places Where You Can Use TITAN SurvivorCord / Parachute Cord


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using the TITAN Survivor Cord is that there are so many uses for it. You could use it as a clothes line, hang your tarp for shelter, stringing your rucksack, or it can be used to set traps. Of course, when you cut into the wire and take it apart, it is there that the versatility of the paracord really shines.

The conductive copper wire can be used as a snare to trap animals or other emergency needs. The mono-filament fishing line will come in handy if you are without food and you have to try your luck at catching some fish. The strand of waxed jute is excellent tinder for starting a fire.

What Makes it Different

What makes this paracord different than others is that Titan offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why? Because Titan knows that their cord is incredibly durable, as it is made 10 strands of material (7 braided nylon, 1 waxed jute, 1 copper snare strand, and 1 mono-filament fishing line).

TITAN SurvivorCord / Parachute Cord Cord Types

Unlike other paracords that may fall apart when extracting the fishing line, the TITAN Survivor Cord stays together and the extraction is pretty easy.

Potential Drawbacks

When it comes to drawbacks, you would be hard pressed to find any. When looking a user reviews, the lowest rating was 2 stars because they received a defective cord. Their particular product had copper wire poking out of the sheathing and they felt the cord was useless because the copper could ruin other items in the pack.

Another possible drawback that was pointed out among reviewers is that the cord can get tangled pretty easily, although it isn’t difficult to untangle—it is more of an inconvenience.


For 100 feet of the cord, you’ll pay approximately $25 (depending on the color you choose). If you’d like the 500 foot cord, that price jumps up to around $120 (depending on the color).


When it comes to purchasing rope to add to your survival kit or to take with you on camping trips, you may want to splurge for TITAN Survivor Cord. Not only can it do everything ordinary rope can, but inside the actual parachute cord lies other strands that are equally as useful.

TITAN SurvivorCord / Parachute Cord Design

Our Rating

4.9 star gold rating

Who ever thought that you would use a thick rope to catch fish or start a fire? With the TITAN Survivor Cord, you can do that and so much more.

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