Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw

Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw Used by a Woman

The Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw is an item that people tend to overlook when they are preparing their survival kits. Though these tools are small, you shouldn’t assume that they are worthless.

While you may not be able to cut through huge tree trunks, you can cut firewood if you need it. You can clear trails and even use it around the house when you just want to prune a few trees or shrubs. Let’s take a look at what really makes this product worth having in your kit.

Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw Cutting Tree


Instead of lugging around a hacksaw or some other saw or ax that takes up precious room in your survival gear, this 36 inch hand chainsaw is compact and lightweight, without sacrificing power. The tines on the chain are sharp enough and the chain itself is durable enough to cut through a 3 inch limb in less than 20 seconds.

Why? Because the 36 inch chain gives you the ability to saw quicker and when you add the razor sharp blades cutting through the wood from three sides, it’s no wonder it cuts through wood like butter.

Another perk of this saw is that it is made from a strong heat-treated steel, so not only is it going to withstand heavy usage, but it won’t rust.

You’ll find that the saw is also quite versatile. If you have high limbs you need to cut down, you can just slide some rope through the handles and saw like usual.

What Makes it Different

The Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw comes with a flexible sheath that is made out of ballistic nylon so you never have to worry about the sharp blade cutting through and possibly cutting you if you reach into your pack. As an added bonus, you receive a fire starter so you can turn any wood that you cut down into a roaring fire.

Woman Using Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw to Cut Down a Tree

Potential Drawbacks

The Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw is a pretty straightforward product with little drawbacks. Some people have mentioned that their chainsaw was missing the Firestarter when they received it.

Another customer stated that the chain bent after cutting limbs that were thicker than the recommended 3 inches.


The price range for the Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw will set you back between approximately $20 when it’s on sale and around $30 when it is regularly priced.


In survival situations, you never know what you’re going to face. Maybe you’re hiking and there are some large branches blocking the way. When you have a pocket chainsaw, you can cut your way through those limbs with little to no problem.

Sportsman Pocket Survival Chainsaw Package

Our Rating

4.7 star gold rating

Simply put some WD-40 on the razor sharp tines and have at it. For approximately $20, you’ll be happy that you have this in your pack when you’re sitting by the fire, adding freshly cut limbs to the blaze.

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