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Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent Warmth in Any Weather

When you are packing up a survival gear bag, there are a number of different options of what you could do for shelter. You could pack a tent, a tarp, or you could use materials that you find out in the wilderness like branches, leaves, and dirt. It’s all about personal preference and skill.

If you’re someone who likes the tiny bit of security that comes with a tent but want the weight comparable to a tarp, then this survival shelter tent may be your best bet.

Set Up Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent in Minutes


The Mylar thermal material that the tent is made of is great to use in any weather (although you may not want to try using only this in freezing temperatures. It’ll work, but why risk it?) The tent will reflect 90% of your body heat so that while you’re in the tent, you will be nice and warm.

Unlike using a plain Mylar blankets, you can use the rope to tie it up, essentially enrobing you in Mylar. This will help protect you from wind and rain much better than a tarp or a Mylar blanket.

Another benefit of this tent is that it is incredibly compact. When it is folded, it is slightly larger then a deck of playing cards. When you take the tarp down and refold it, it’s double the size but it is still manageable.

What Makes it Different

What makes this different than other shelters on the market is that it is incredibly lightweight (as Mylar products tend to be), but you don’t sacrifice warmth or protection from the elements because of it.

Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent Size

Potential Drawbacks

Potential drawbacks from using this emergency survival shelter tent is that the strong isn’t very strong. However, if you pair the tent with paracord, you can feel a little more at ease in knowing it will stay up the entire time it’s erected.

Another possible drawback is that the tent can rip easily if you aren’t careful.

We should also point out that the ends of this tent is open, so you aren’t going to get all the protection that you might with a regular tent. Insects and animals still can enter the tent, and depending on the direction you face the openings, the elements could still come into the tent.


If you think you’re going to spend an arm and leg on this emergency survival tent, think again! When it isn’t on sale, you can expect to spend around $15, but on sale it is less than $10!

Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent Design

Our Rating

4.8 star gold rating


Several reviewers have said this product is just two emergency blankets taped together length wise. We wouldn’t recommend using this tent as a go-to camping tent, but for the price of $7.49, it is a great addition to any survival kit. After all, it is better than being exposed to the elements and possibly freezing, right?

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