Ready America Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack

Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack

It’s understandable if you are uncertain about what you need to pack in a survival kit. There are so many things that you could tuck inside, who knows what is important to have and what isn’t.

Ready America has taken some of the guess work out of it and introduces the Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack. The items included in this kit is enough to sustain a family of four for three days. However, is it better than something you could put together yourself? Keep reading to find out!

Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack Items


Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of this kit is that it comes with enough supplies for a family of four to be sustained for about three days—this includes food and water that is approved by the US Coast Guard.

The kit also has emergency medical supplies that has been recommended by the American Red Cross. This includes items that can deal with injuries with 72 hours’ worth of product.

Also included with the kit you’ll have a power station that can be charged at an emergency station. The power station contains a phone charger, a radio, flashlight, and a siren.

What Makes it Different

When you look at other survival emergency kits available on the market, you might notice that they only provide you with enough stuff for one person. This particular kit can be used to care for the whole family for three days.

Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack Backup Power Station

If you think you’re going to be in an emergency situation for longer than that, you could be proactive and get each member their own kit, as it will last for 12 days instead of just three.

Potential Drawbacks

As much as we want to say that this is a terrific option for survival preparedness, there are quite a few drawbacks that are associated with this product. The first and most notable is the fact that the food and water supply in the bag is not enough to sustain four people for three days. The kit only comes with four liters of water. The consumption rate for the food products indicate that the food and water will be gone much sooner than the advertised three days.

Another drawback is that the bag isn’t waterproof. Although it doesn’t render the product useless, it’s an inconvenience because if it does get wet, some of the items inside could become ruined or degraded.

Another drawback is that it is more of a first aid kit than a survival kit. It comes with a 107 pieces of first aid product, as well as goggles, gloves, a survival blanket and dust mask. Other than that, there aren’t any survival tools that generally go into a survival kit.


For this item, you will have to pay the hefty sticker price of just under $100.


Simply put, for the amount of money you are paying for a product that claims to be enough materials to last a family of four for three days, it isn’t worth the money at all.

Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack First Aid Kit

Our Rating

4.2 star gold rating

Not only are you not getting the aforementioned three day supply of food and water, but you are getting more of an emergency first aid kit and not a survival kit. Yes, the products will help in an emergency situation, but you could do better building your own kit for the same amount of money.

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