Patch-Up First Aid Kit

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It doesn’t matter if you are in your car, at home, or putting stuff together for an emergency situation; you need to have a first aid kit on hand.

With the Patch-Up First Aid kit, you have 270 pieces of medical items (39 of which are completely unique to this particular first aid kit). So, is it worth your money? Keep reading and see!

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Unlike other first aid kits that you might have in your car or in the medicine cabinet, this particular kit is all encompassing. You have the supplies necessary to treat small cuts, burns, bites and stings. You have items that can treat larger cuts, severe bleeding, and burns.

The kit comes equipped with medical supplies and instruments such as scissors, tweezers, thermometers, disposable gloves, and even a mouth to mouth resuscitation device. Should you or someone have a minor sprain or injury, the kit even includes bandages and finger splints.

Also, you would think that with as much stuff as this bag has, it would be difficult keeping it organized. That isn’t so. In fact, the compact 9”x7”x4” bag can fold out to 36”, so you can access the neatly organized contents easily from inside their see-through zippered pockets

What Makes it Different

What makes this particular first aid kit different than the others you may find is that the sheer amount of items you receive with it. No other kit you can find will have the ability to treat as many cuts, sprains, scrapes, and other maladies that may befall you.

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Potential Drawbacks

Although you receive a lot of items with this product, there are some things that it is missing. For example, it does not include any eye wash products or solutions, even though you do get 2 eye patches.

Also, another thing that is missing from the kit is medications such as a pain reliever, fever reducer, and allergy medication like Benedryl. Of course, you do have the option of purchasing these items and including them yourself, but the inclusion of these items (even if only a sample size) would make this the perfect first aid kit.


The pricing for this first aid kit can be bought for approximately $70 without a sale. When it is on sale, you can find it for as low as around $50.


When you need a bandage, some gauze, or a cold compress, it’s nice to have these items within reach. The Patch-Up First Aid Kit has a lot of items that you could possibly need for a survival situation or just to have peace of mind in your house or car.

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Our Rating

4.7 star gold rating

Although it would be nice to have a few sample sized medications included with the pack, shouldn’t deter you from purchasing this kit. Even at the full price of approximately $70, this 270 piece first aid kit is well worth every red cent.

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