Horizons Tec HT-747 Weather Radio

Horizons Tec HT-747 Weather Radio

It stinks when the weather knocks out your power and you are stuck in complete silence. If you have the Horizons Tec HT-747 Weather Radio, you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs. This particular radio has four power sources. You can use the solar panel that will recharge the battery as well as a hand-crank generator.

You can also bring extra batteries and you can also hook it up to a computer via USB. The real question is, is it a viable product to include in your survival gear? Keep reading and see how it measures up.

Horizons Tec HT-747 Weather Radio Cabels


When compared to other emergency radios on the market, it is an incredibly well thought out product. It only takes a minute of cranking on the hand crank, and it will provide you with 20 minutes of power, either for the radio or the flash light. When the battery is fully charged, whether you used the USB, the solar panel, or the hand-crank, you will get up to 10 hours of total power.

Thanks to the multiple power outlets, you can charge your smartphone when you’re in an emergency. So if you’re ever stranded and have a low battery, you can plug it into the radio and get enough charge to phone for help.

Perhaps the best part of this radio is that it has a digital display so you can see what channel you’re tuning into. It’s a unique feature because most emergency radios have an analog dial, which leaves you guessing.

What Makes it Different

What makes this particular weather radio different than others on the market is that it comes with a few accessories that will only help you when you’re without power or in an emergency situation. For example, it includes a flash light with three LED bulbs.

Another unique addition that comes with this radio is the paracord survival bracelet that has a compass, a whistle, a cutter, and flint. It’s all held together on a 11 foot long piece of paracord when it us unbraided.

Potential Drawbacks

When it comes to potential draw backs, there’s only two. One of them being the radio isn’t able to read shortwave signals, which is usually a good function to have because you would have the ability to reach out to other shortwave radio users.

The other potential drawback is that the digital display is rather small and it doesn’t display a whole lot of information.


The pricing for this particular emergency weather radio ranges between approximately $50 when it is on sale to around $65.

Horizons Tec HT-747 Weather Radio Features

Our Rating

4.5 star gold rating


In terms of other weather radios on the market, this is bigger and a little more expensive, but you are getting a flashlight and multiple power options as well. When comparing this with others on the market, take into consideration of the added features and you’ll appreciate the modest just under $65 price tag.

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