Cynergy Lifelight Waterproof Crank Flashlight

Cynergy Lifelight Waterproof Emergency Crank Flashlight Used

Crank flashlights are more than just an afterthought that you just throw in with the rest of your camping or survival gear. It is an accessory that has features that regular flashlights simply do not have.

Besides being able to use your man power to get it working, they also have other features that can come in handy. The Cynergy Lifelight All in one Waterproof Emergency Crank flashlight isn’t like others you may see on the market, and we’re going to tell you why.

Cynergy Lifelight Waterproof Emergency Crank Flashlight Stuck on a Car


When you are looking for a multi-function tool, this crank flashlight has quite a few tools built into it. For example, not only is it a waterproof flashlight, but it also can be used to break out windows and cut seatbelts if ever you’re in an accident and need to get out of a vehicle.

It also includes a built in compass so that you can find your way, as well as a flashing red like that can be used to alert people.

What Makes it Different

When you compare this crank flashlight to other flashlights on the market, there are two things that sets them apart: the self-powering crank and USB charging ports. That’s right, not only can you recharge the lithium ION battery that is included with this flashlight, but you can also charge any USB device too.

Cynergy Lifelight Waterproof Emergency Crank Flashlight Chargers and Connectors

Just imagine how useful that would be during a power outage and you need to reach out to someone, or if you’re lost and need help.

Potential Drawbacks

Earlier models of this crank flashlight mentioned a radio, which could be quite handy is no longer an option. It can be quite a drawback for those who are trying to minimize how much stuff they pack into their bags and want a tool that can do multiple things.

Some people may not want to carry a separate radio and flashlight when there are products on the market that have both features.


The price tag on the Cynergy LifeLight Waterproof Emergency Crank Flashlight is approximately $30.


When it comes to things you need in any survival gear pack, you can’t go wrong with including the Cynergy LifeLight Waterproof Emergency Crank Flashlight.

Cynergy Lifelight Waterproof Emergency Crank Flashlight Design

Our Rating

4.4 star gold rating

Not only is it waterproof, which is useful if you are out in the rain or if it drops in water, but the battery can be recharged simply by using the crank. However, many people can appreciate the USB port so they can charge their smartphone or any other USB compatible device.

The only drawback of this flashlight is that it doesn’t include a radio like the previous models once did. If it did have a radio, it would be perfect. But, then again with a price point of around $30 and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this flashlight.

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