BlizeTec Survival Folding Knife

BlizeTec Survival Folding Knife Sharpening a Tree Branch

Are you looking for a survival knife that performs multiple functions?

If so, then perhaps you may want to consider the BlizeTec 5-in-1 Survival Knife. This knife was created to handle most outdoor situations. If you’re going on an outdoor excursion or packing your survival gear, this may be a knife that you’ll want to include.

BlizeTec Survival Folding Knife Displayed on a Wooden Log

Benefits of The 5 in 1 Tactical Folding BlizeTec Survival Knife

When it comes to survival situations, you want to make sure you have tools that have the ability to perform multiple functions, and this knife does exactly that.

With its 420 stainless steel blade, you can be sure that it can cut through almost anything you throw at it. It can be used to cut down shrubs, branches, limbs that are 1.5 inches thick, but it can also cut through other materials like canvas, cardboard, rope and plastic.

This survival knife is more than just a simple knife, as it has some other incredible features:

  • LED Flashlight – at the tail end of this knife is a powerful LED flashlight whose batteries will work for up to twelve hours of continual use.
  • Fire starter – on the top of the knife handle exists a magnesium alloy Firestarter that you can remove whenever you need it. All you have to do is take it off the knife, and strike it with the back of your blade to get a good spark.
  • Window Breaker – If you get stuck in your car, you can break out the window simply by smashing the base of the knife’s handle against the glass.
  • Seatbelt cutter – Like the window breaker, this knife can be incredibly useful if you are stuck in a car and the seatbelt won’t come undone. Just use the cutter to free yourself from the vehicle.
BlizeTec Survival Folding Knife Features

Why is it Different

This knife is different than others on the market because although it has a lightweight, sleek design, it still manages to combine four other tools, making it a multifunctioning tool that can be kept in the car or be used by any backpacker or survivalist.

Potential Drawbacks

Of all the benefits of this knife, there aren’t a whole lot of drawbacks, the main one being that the fire starter section of the knife is small, which may require a bit of practice to get a good spark. Some folks complain that the carrying case isn’t that attractive, but then again you aren’t buying the knife for the case—you’re buying it for its functionality.

Another complaint people have had about their knives is that the flashlight was loose and it rattled, while others said the light isn’t as bright as it could have been.

Price Points

When on sale, the knife is priced slightly under $40. It is regularly priced at around $90 on

BlizeTec Survival Folding Knife Design

Our Rating

4.4 star gold rating


If you want a compact survival knife that is lightweight, sturdy, and has multiple features, this is a good knife to consider. At a price point that ranges between $40 to $90, not only are you getting a survival knife, but you’re getting an LED flashlight, a Firestarter, a window breaker, and a seatbelt cutter.

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